Nov 8: Jason Priem & Mark Olsen

This was the first meeting for the group.  We established the goal for this semester as laying a foundation for the group and testing out & evolving the format.

Elliott Hauser presented the idea of the LitTorrent format.  This would be a group meeting where each participant comes with a piece of relevant literature, presents a 2 minute summary of it, and then serves as the reference for it during the ensuing discussion.  It’s a low-outgoing, high-incoming bandwidth strategy perfect for the final weeks of a busy semester.  The first-ever LitTorrent will take place from 5-6pm on November 29.

Presentation Notes:

Jason Priem presented his research on alt.metrics: new ways of measuring scholarly activity and scholarly impact.  He described his vision for the future of scholarly publishing where dissemination (publication) and filtering (peer review and evaluation) were separated.  His presentation is available for viewing, commenting, and editing here.

Mark Olsen discussed his work on machine learning in the humanities.  He discussed the Bioinformatics origins of important text mining algorithms and the new interdisciplinarity required of all scholars as methods increasingly converge.

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