Feb 22nd Notes: Sylvia Miller

Sylvia Miller of UNC Press presented the Long Civil Rights Movement project she’s involved with.  The system allows reading and annotations of the scholarly literature surrounding the topic of the ongoing struggle for civil rights in the US.

The LCRM project, funded by a Mellon grant, is seeking to explore new possibilities for digital publishing.  Mellon grants commonly fund collaborations between Libraries and Museums, but the LCRM has four partners at UNC:

Sylvia talked about the rewards and challenges of working with so many partners and stressed the depth it lent the project.

After demonstrating the system, Sylvia solicited feedback from group members and discussed how scholarly annotation technologies could influence the future of scholarship.  UNC Press hopes to develop the LCRM project into a self-sustaining Library Subscription product and has secured funding from Mellon to support this.  As such, the project is an important attempt to envision the future of publishing in the digital age.

Sylvia’s Presentation is Here:

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