The UNC Digital Scholarship Group is dedicated to exploring the future of scholarship.   We seek to discover and create new knowledge, techniques, and methods in scholarship while furthering academic excellence and rigor.  The group’s discussion groups and workshops are open to anyone with an interest in digital scholarship and have featured speakers from the humanities, sciences, academic presses and libraries.

It was started in the Fall of 2010 by several UNC students and professors who realized at THATCamp RTP that there was a critical mass of interest in Chapel Hill.  As of the Fall of 2011, our membership includes over 60 professors and grad students from UNC, Duke, and NC State, working in a variety of disciplines.

Everyone is welcome! Past attendees have come from beloved arch-rival Duke University and as far away as Vancouver.  Scholars from other institutions are welcome to enquire about speaking opportunities here.

Please have a look at upcoming Events or, if you’ve already attended an event, leave some Feedback.