Travel funding to THATCamp Theory Oct 13-14 @ Rutgers

Dear all,


Shameless plug: THATCamp RTP is coming up locally.  You should register here and I’ll see you there.


For those of you with an interest in Theory, check out THATCamp Theory, which will be held at Rutgers in October (details below).  And there are *travel funds* available.  But hurry!  Best chance for funding = apply before Sept 7!  Thanks to UNC Prof Ryan Shaw for the tip.



ps: If you’ve never been to an Unconference, or THATCamp, an Unconference focused on technology and the humanities, you might be wondering what all these acronyms are all about.  Hundreds of Unconferences and Dozens of THATCamps happen all over the world each year.  The basic philosophy of these events is to let the participants’ interests and knowledge determine the schedule of the event, not some plan that was written 6 months ago.  This is an excellent way to get to talk to super interesting people about things you’re super interested in.






Applications are now being accepted for THATCamp Theory!


THATCamp Theory is devoted to exploring the relations between

technology and the theoretical dimensions of humanistic work.

Historically, digital humanities has been characterized as hostile to

“Theory”–either avowedly or by stereotype. THATCamp Theory is a place

for reconsidering that relation, and for trying out ways to put new

relations into practice.


Please forward this announcement to all interested parties.


THATCamp Theory will be held October 13-14, 2012 in the Plangere

Writing Center, Murray Hall, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, an

easy train ride from New York’s Penn Station.


To apply, go to:


For prompt responses and for best chances of receiving travel funding,

submit your application by Friday 9/7. We will continue to accept

applications on a rolling basis thereafter until all spots are filled.






What is THATCamp?

THATCamp is an unconference — an inexpensive, collaborative gathering

in which participants create the agenda. It stands for “The Humanities

and Technology Camp,” and explores the interactions between technology

and humanities teaching and research.


Who should come to THATCamp Theory?

People interested in the theoretical dimensions of humanistic uses of

technology, people interested in how technology disrupts existing

theoretical models; people who think theory is fun; people who think

theory is scary; people who think technology is fun; people who think

technology is scary; people interested in transformative digital

humanities; people who want to know what transformational digital

humanities is; librarians; teachers; students; instructional

technologists; academics; people working in industry; alt-acs; curious

people; you.


For more information, visit

Questions? Email